Outbound documents, streamlined

The Lasernet advantage.

Lasernet organizes and streamlines the document management process. Manage all of your outbound documents from one centralized location in Dynamics 365.

Any organization that handles a large volume of documents such as invoices, contracts, HR documents, legal documents, or supply chain documents can benefit from Lasernet. Create professional quality documents quickly with minimal training and technical expertise.

How Lasernet stacks up

Feature Dynamics 365
"out of the box"
Integration with Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations (AX) N/A Yes
Codeless development and delivery of documents Partial Yes
Custom reports Yes Yes
Attachments to reports without coding No Yes
Event-triggered execution of reports No Yes
Review and approve documents No Yes
Custom labels, barcodes, and QR codes Yes Yes
Off-load Dynamics through external servers (performance) N/A Yes
Wizard driven approach N/A Yes
Multilingual support Yes Yes
DocuSign integration to sign and approve documents Yes Yes
Unlimited scalability No Yes
Background processing of existing documents No Yes
Tight integration with warehouse module for labels N/A Yes
Powerful and unique document archive in Azure and Sharepoint No Yes
Support for OData driven data and mixed data from<br>entities (Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement) and tables (Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations) No Yes

Improve efficiency through automation

Lasernet automates document-related tasks, reducing manual work and errors, which leads to increased efficiency and productivity. Users can focus on higher-value tasks and leave the document creation and management to Lasernet, reducing costs associated with manual labour, printing, and distribution.

Ensure compliance with regulations

Lasernet provides compliance features that ensure documents meet regulatory requirements, reducing the risk of non-compliance and associated penalties. Users can set up compliance workflows to ensure that documents are reviewed and approved by the right people.

Enhance your customer experience

Lasernet enables organizations to provide a better customer experience by providing timely and accurate information via multiple channels. Customers can receive documents in a wide range of formats. Your customers will receive the information they need, when they need it.

Make real-time, data-driven decisions

Lasernet provides real-time access to document-related information, allowing organizations to make informed decisions quickly. Users can access data from different systems and create reports, providing valuable insights for decision-making.

Key features

Lasernet provides a seamless Dynamics 365 integration layer which offsets document management deficiencies associated with SSRS, including numerous administrative controls and document developer tools—all while maintaining a familiar document processing user environment.

Connected and

Generate documents from Finance, Supply Chain Management, Sales, or Business Central, giving you one central Azure-enabled tool for content.


Lasernet uses advanced cloud technologies to overcome printer configuration issues. Lasernet can drive any printer, even if the printer is not directly accessible.


On-premises, hybrid, and in the cloud, Lasernet is available on all Dynamics 365 releases, ensuring complete peace of mind knowing you are future proofed.


Lasernet is highly customizable. Seamlessly mix content from all areas of Dynamics 365 and define distribution as it suits your organization's needs.

Safe and

Robust security features such as document encryption, user access controls, and audit trails means Lasernet protects your documents from unauthorized access.

of use

Drag-and-drop functionality allows Lasernet users to quickly create, modify, control, and disseminate, rich, branded documentation across an entire organization.


Lasernet removes the need for programming in SSRS when generating Dynamics 365 reports. Meet requirements in a fraction of the time.


Lasernet allows organizations to distribute documents via many different output channels including paper, email, fax, XMR, UBL, and PDF.


With Dynamics 365 driving your documents, simultaneously distribute Lasernet-created content based on rules or logic derived from specific content in the ERP.

Drag or press the arrows.

What should you consider?

Logos, images, and other complicated designs are taken care of by Lasernet with its simple to use drag-and-drop interface. To make changes to existing reports, templates are mapped using Lasernet Connector metadata. Information can even be reused between reports, so master templates can be created and automatically populated - all without the need for a programmer!

Systems that are easy to use save time. This increases productivity and minimizes waste. Even simple things can have huge impacts. With Lasernet, all documents are opened in separate tabs, making navigation, compilation, and comparison quick and easy. Users can also return to Dynamics 365 without closing all documents and preview documents are viewed as final format, unlike in standard Dynamics 365.

Every day we receive more and more information, but whether it's on a piece of paper or in an electronic file, inputting the details and sending them on to the next step is no easy task. Not only is manual data entry error prone, it is also often needed to be replicated across disparate solutions. Whether it's scribblings on paper, any electronic file format, or a mixture of both, Lasernet can receive, read, validate, and upload your documents with ease.

Lasernet's extended functionality and the ability to tailor emails to individual requirements gives customers a better experience. Lasernet extends the email dialog by making it clearer with larger boxes and adding BCC along with simple dialog boxes to update. The software can use any information to create standard file naming conventions, as well as subject and body copy. These can be tailored by report to ensure accuracy and consistency.

The ability to issue, retrieve, and reissue digital documents instantly can have huge benefits for customer satisfaction and legal compliance. The Lasernet archive is information-rich, displaying when, to whom, and how the document was sent. It enables instant multi-resend of an exact copy that was created at that point in time. Standard Dynamics 365 only allows users to save in the print archive, which is not actually an archive and does not support reprinting.

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