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Project managers are organized, goal-oriented professionals who use passion, creativity, and collaboration to design projects that are destined for success.


Solution architects bring clarity to a business by understanding the current software domain and tailoring it in ways that improve technical and business performance.


Technical architects bridge the technical and business aspects of an organization and oversee the design and implementation of IT systems.

Dynamics 365

365 consultants have the necessary knowledge and experience to guide the client through the solution migration and adoption processes within Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Dynamics 365

365 developers extend the use of Microsoft Dynamics 365 solutions to include our applications' enhancements.


Technical consultants implement our software solutions, improving the client’s systems by generating results based on specified requirements.


IT consulting

Our staff will develop a product road map and outline a plan to maximize your business' efficiencies and eliminate bottlenecks. They can also provide assistance with troubleshooting existing products on the platform, upgrading the product version, redesigning the IT solution from scratch, and more.

Our IT consultant team can help your business reach its goals and achieve IT objectives through technical consulting, support and maintenance, networking systems, and functions management.

Custom software

Our software development process is comprehensive and highly effective. You identify a need, our team develops the software, conducts testing, and helps you launch it to your target market. Simple, right?

Best of all, our software is specific to your company. There are development teams that write the code for such products and maintain them after the deployment. Reach out to learn more!


Out-of-the-box document management offerings from Dynamics 365 are not enough. ERP implementation, for example, is a massive undertaking and our implementation services ensure a reduction in risk of short- and long-term problems.

Our applications are designed to support ERP and make your life easier. Our implementation services include integration assessment, a business process review, project planning, solution configuration, delivery, training, and support.


Our document services provide rapid designs, delivery of customized forms, and can be broken down into two subcategories, document capture and imaging and document design:

Document capture & imaging offers a unique combination of highly trained technicians and proven character recognition technologies to quickly and accurately capture data down to the line-item.

Document design creates and delivers everything from basic form overlays to complex forms with Functional Design Documents (FDD), query preparation in Dynamics 365, and Templates Generation.


To help maximize your knowledge and skills, our expert team delivers basic "how to" user instruction, custom training, system development, and system administration. You’re sure to be up-and-running in no time! Of course, if you have any questions along the way, or after training is complete, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re happy to help!


We offer tiered levels of support: general, support level agreements (SLAs), change requests, and 24/7 critical systems support.

Our general level support includes product upgrades and releases, ticket system access, knowledge base access, and a customer care portal.

Standard delivery approach

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