Accounts payable, automated and optimized

The ExFlow advantage.

ExFlow is a best-in-class accounts payable (AP) automation solution that extends and streamlines the AP and invoice process in Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations.

ExFlow is seamlessly embedded within Microsoft Dynamics 365, offering a suite of features to improve financial workflows, reduce manual errors, and save time and resources. No integrations necessary.

How ExFlow stacks up

Functionality Microsoft Invoice Capture PP ExFlow Data Capture (Kofax)
Processing of non-PO generated invoices Partial Yes
Automation of each invoice capture import process steps No Yes
Multi-company/cross-company processing Partial Yes
Automatically generated approval routing based on coding at line level on supplier invoices No Yes
Coding supplier invoices to multiple cost centers Partial Yes
Support for handling agreement invoices for utilities, cell phone, leases, etc. No Yes
Capture data from a supplier invoice in .pdf, .jpeg, .tiff formats Partial Yes
Capture data from a supplier invoice in electronic formats (Peppol, EFH, Finvoice, OIOUBL, etc.) No Yes

Efficient administration

To manually process a single invoice cost from €15 to €50, depending your type of business and the technology involved. By automating your AP workflow with Exflow, that cost can be cut by up to 50% per invoice. For an enterprise, the potential saving is substantial.

Cost control

Cost control is critical for any profitable business. A manual process won’t provide full visibility until the invoice is posted. When transitioning to an electronic process you will immediately know when each invoice is received by the company and what its current status is.

Regulatory compliance

Increasing regulation of corporate data communication makes compliance a growing priority for companies and organizations. Often the law is complex, and penalties for noncompliance can be significant. ExFlow ensures that your company will meet all compliance regulations, at all times.


Eliminating unnecessary manual handling and human error in invoice management guarantees a faster, more accurate and secure process. With ExFlow you achieve full transparency as a complete log of all accounting transactions provide a failsafe audit trail.

Key features

From matching supplier invoices with purchase orders to creating approval workflows, managing users and roles, and automating email notifications, every aspect of the AP and invoice process is improved with ExFlow.

Import any

ExFlow supports all type of invoices, from paper to file based electronic formats and webservice based streamed invoices.

Match invoices
with orders

Invoice information such as item number, unit price, etc. is identified and used to match invoices with available purchase orders down to line level.


Approval workflows may be based on supplier, account, item, miscellaneous charges, project, fixed asset, reference person, dimensions, line and total amounts.


By combining position hierarchies with approval workflows, it is easy to set rules that are suited to your organisation and ensure compliance.

Roles and

ExFlow manages both users and roles. A user can be assigned to multiple roles and all users belonging to a role receive notifications of invoices pending approval.

expense invoices

General expense invoices can be coded against accounts, projects and fixed assets. Invoices involving regular contracts (e.g., phone or leasing) can be managed automatically.

approver emails

Approvers automatically receive an email with a link to the approval interface and a list of all the invoices pending approval. Overdue invoices are clearly highlighted.


The accounting department maintains full control. They can see all pending invoices, approval status, the account entry, who approved it, and the current and next approver in the workflow.

and comments

Approvers can access and add invoice attachments (e.g., spreadsheets, agreements, etc.) and comments for the next approver and accounting department, with a full history readily accessible.

Accrual for
estimated cost

Accounting departments will appreciate the option to accrue all non-posted invoices via an automatically created journal. This function is used at the end of a month or when compiling annual accounts.

Search and

The approver can search among invoices and produce a variety of reports, such as all invoices from a specific supplier, department, or project. Reports can be filtered by status, approval, date, etc.


A colleague can be appointed to approve the original approver’s invoices for a period of time. Delegation can be enabled either by the approver in the event of a planned absence or by the accounting department.


ExFlow offers full support for mobile devices, witth all ExFlow functionality as in the standard approval workflow. Easily access and view the invoice as well as approve, reject, and add comments.

Drag or press the arrows.

Frequently asked questions

ExFlow has a number of security features in place to ensure the confidentiality and integrity of financial data. This includes role-based access control, which allows administrators to control who has access to sensitive financial data, as well as encryption of data both in transit and at rest. ExFlow also complies with a number of industry standards and regulations related to data privacy, such as GDPR and HIPAA.

ExFlow is designed to be highly customizable and can be configured to meet a wide range of business needs. This includes configuring approval workflows to match existing financial processes, customizing reports to provide valuable insights into financial data, and integrating with other accounting software to streamline financial processes. Eleqtus offers a range of implementation and support services to help users get the most out of the software.

No - ExFlow is only compatible with Microsoft Dynamics. Eleqtus specifically supports the implementation of ExFlow in Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations (AX).

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