Eleqtus ECM

Enterprise Content Management for Microsoft Dynamics 365

Get more out of your data.

When organizations implement ECM with Dynamics 365, they may encounter challenges regarding limited functionality, complex integration, data migration, user training, and regulatory compliance, among others.

Eleqtus ECM offers a comprehensive solution that encompasses consultancy, procedures, and supporting technologies to facilitate the transformation of unstructured information into valuable data assets.

The primary objective of Eleqtus ECM is to mitigate risks associated with unstructured information. It serves as a unified source, integrating all interrelated components of ECM under one umbrella.

We drive ECM forward.

Eleqtus ECM allows organizations to retrieve critical information quickly. It enables companies to be more agile and responsive to market changes and mitigate financial losses stemming from delays and suboptimal decision making.

Eleqtus ECM streamlines document management, automates processes, and provides centralized data access. The solution optimizes productivity and reduces operational costs associated with manual processes.

Eleqtus ECM improves knowledge retention by capturing and organizing critical information to make it easily accessible. It ensures that valuable knowledge is retained within the organization after layoffs, reducing the need for expensive retraining efforts.

A unified source for ECM.

Single point
of contact

Investing in Eleqtus ECM minimizes the need to engage with multiple vendors. This simplifies communication, coordination, and issue resolution as the Dynamics reseller serves as a central hub for all support and maintenance needs.


Customers may already have a strong relationship with a Dynamics reseller in place. Rapport and understanding between Eleqtus and the Dynamics reseller improves collaboration, goal alignment, and promotes confidence in achieving the desired results.


Knowledge transfer from Eleqtus to the Dynamics reseller enables a deeper understanding of ECM. Customers benefit from their Dynamics reseller's insights and can leverage additional expertise gained from Eleqtus to make the most out of their solution.

ECM with results to show.

Research underscores the tangible financial results that companies can attain by making their data more accessible and easier to interpret through the adoption of an ECM solution such as Eleqtus ECM.

A study by AIIM revealed that on average, ECM solution implementation leads to a 12-month payback period and that for every dollar invested in ECM, companies realize a return of $1.31.

Nucleus Research found that ECM solutions achieve an average ROI of 251%. Their study highlights that ECM implementation enables companies to reduce expenses, streamline business processes, enhance collaboration, and mitigate compliance risks.

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An investment in Eleqtus ECM maximizes the value derived from both Dynamics 365 and critical solutions providers, providing a seamless and comprehensive solution tailored to fit specific business ECM needs.

Eleqtus offers customers a comprehensive, globally oriented, and culturally sensitive service. Our diverse competencies, local market knowledge, and expanded international network contributes to superior outcomes.

Eleqtus also maintains strong relationships with application vendors. Specialized support, training, and documentation ensures a smooth implementation process and enhanced collaboration between Eleqtus, the Dynamics reseller, and the customer.

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