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Adapt your ERP to achieve maximum performance, reliability, and connectivity. Our portfolio of tailored solutions brings together electronic invoicing, document management, marketing, and other sector solutions to satisfy your unique ECM needs.

Eleqtus delivers tailored solutions and support for organizations using Microsoft Dynamics 365 who wish to extend its capabilities and maximize their ERP's potential.

d.velop seamlessly integrates with Dynamics 365

Our document management and invoice processing products integrate seamlessly with Microsoft Dynamics 365. You have the flexibility to choose whether you want to use d.velop or Microsoft 365 as the storage location for your data. This allows you to efficiently manage your documents, invoices, and other important data with ease.

Enhance customer engagement with d.velop Connect

Finding all of the information a company knows about a customer can be time-consuming and tedious. However, with d.velop Connect for Microsoft Dynamics 365, you can easily access all customer-related documents and records without leaving the application. This streamlines the process, enhances customer engagement, and saves valuable time.

Efficient document management with d.velop and Dynamics 365

With d.velop, you can accelerate and optimize the management of your information. This includes efficiently managing documents like receipts from Microsoft Dynamics 365. You can choose to use d.velop or Microsoft 365 as the storage location for your data, providing you with the flexibility to choose the option that works best for your business.

Key features

The implementation process for d.velop will be discussed in detail in between our professionals and your company, including the steps that your businesses need to follow to ensure a successful implementation.

We will consider document management needs, budget, resources, and existing systems. Tips for a successful implementation of d.velop will be provided, including the importance of involving key stakeholders, training employees, and testing the system before full deployment.


D.velop's DMS is the ultimate solution to document management woes. It's certified to the German IDW PS 880 standard, integrates seamlessly with third-party systems, and provides efficient and effective document management. Say goodbye to manual filing and disorganized folders, and hello to a streamlined and organized workflow.


Don't let contract management be a headache for your business. Upgrade to digital contract management and experience the convenience of centralized control and streamlined processes. With digital contract management, you'll never miss a deadline again, ensuring efficient contract management and avoiding penalties for non-compliance. Take control of your contracts and upgrade to digital contract management today.


Transform the way your team collaborates with the employee app. The app provides secure, streamlined communication and workflow management, enabling staff to work together across company boundaries. Upgrade now and experience the ease and convenience of centralized communication and collaboration. Don't settle for fragmented communication – get the employee app today.


Upgrade to our digital signature tools for legally compliant electronic signatures. Our tools offer simple signing directly in the cloud and are eIDAS and GDPR-compliant, making them suitable for international use. Plus, our qualified e-signature is available as standard, ensuring secure and trustworthy signatures.

file system

Transform your HR processes with a digital personnel file system, a centralized location for all personnel documents, ensuring greater transparency and efficiency. With a dedicated file for each employee, you can easily store and access all relevant documents. Simplify your HR processes today.

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Frequently asked questions

d.velop offers a variety of pricing models to meet the needs of different businesses. The pricing can vary depending on factors such as the number of users, the type of deployment (on-premise vs. cloud), and the features included. Businesses can request a quote from Eleqtus to get a better idea of the pricing for their specific needs.

d.velop is designed with security in mind and offers a variety of features to ensure the safety and integrity of business documents. Some of these features include data encryption, access controls, and audit trails. d.velop also complies with various industry and government regulations such as GDPR and HIPAA, to ensure that businesses remain compliant with relevant regulations.

d.velop can be customized to meet the specific document management needs of businesses. Businesses can work with Eleqtus to customize their solution based on their specific workflows, business rules, and user needs. This customization can help businesses streamline their document management processes and improve efficiency.

d.velop is designed to be scalable for businesses of all sizes. Businesses can start with a small deployment of d.velop and then scale up as their needs grow. d.velop also offers a variety of features and solutions that can help businesses manage their growing document management needs, such as integration with other systems, automated workflows, and archiving solutions.

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