Eleqtus ECM for AP Automation

Accounts payable automation and optimization

We understand AP automation.

Research has revealed that US companies achieve average savings of $16.91 per invoice by implementing AP automation. For organizations processing 10,000 invoices annually, this translates to potential savings of up to $169,100 per year. Similarly, a study focusing on European companies found that they save an average of €12 per invoice.

We understand the importance of AP automation and employ a comprehensive approach that combines consultancy, established procedures, and supporting technologies. An investment in Eleqtus ECM for AP Automation maximizes your financial benefits from AP automation, allowing optimization of payment processes in Microsoft Dynamics 365 that drive substantial cost savings.

Eleqtus ECM for AP Automation leverages Eleqtus' expertise to maximize the financial benefits of AP automation, optimizing payment processes and empowering organizations to achieve considerable cost savings and efficiency gains. Ongoing support and training post-implementation ensures that organizations continue to enjoy long-term benefits.

Eleqtus ECM is a safe investment.


Our team at Eleqtus brings a wealth of experience to the table. Eleqtus ECM for AP Automation pinpoints inefficiencies, recognizing areas for improvement, and highlighting opportunities for optimization within the payment process. Through crucial guidance and insights, Eleqtus ECM helps ensure a successful AP automation implementation.


Eleqtus ECM for AP Automation offers the ability to tailor the to meet the unique needs and requirements of each organization. prioritize the seamless integration of the solution with existing systems and processes, thereby maximizing its effectiveness and ensuring it is customized to fit the organization's specific needs.


Speed of implementation is another area where Eleqtus ECM for AP Automation shines. By lending support and expertise, Eleqtus helps companies implement AP automation more swiftly and accurately, minimizing errors and delays. This expedited process enables organizations to start reaping the benefits of the solution sooner rather than later.


Eleqtus ECM for AP Automation includes post-implementation support and training, ensuring that organizations continue to enjoy long-term benefits from the solution, adapting to changes and improving efficiency over time. Robust support and guidance throughout the entire process also mitigates the risk of implementation failure.

Our innovative methodology.

Eleqtus ECM for AP Automation employs a strategic solution methodology for delivering an AP automation solution that is finely tuned to integrate with Dynamics 365. Our methodology covers everything from the initial consultation and analysis to the actual implementation of tailored approval workflows and payment processing optimization.

Investing in Eleqtus as an implementation partner for AP automation empowers organizations to achieve cost savings and efficiency gains. Eleqtus ECM for AP Automation leverages our expertise to maximize financial benefits and mitigate risk, enabling organizations to optimize their payment processes.

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