Eleqtus ECM for Manufacturing

Agility, intelligence, and compliance for manufacturers

Manufacturing moves fast.

In today's competitive manufacturing landscape, companies encounter various challenges such as tighter compliance regulations, shrinking margins, global competition, and the need for faster time-to-market to meet ever-changing customer demands.

To tackle these challenges, manufacturers can leverage the benefits of Eleqtus ECM. Eleqtus ECM for Manufacturing combines consultancy, procedures, and supporting technologies to transform unstructured information into valuable data assets.

Eleqtus ECM enables manufacturers to effectively manage documents related to product design, engineering, and production. The solution also integrates analytical elements to support strategic management, aiding critical decision-making and optimizing resource utilization for better bottom-line impact.

Optimize your manufacturing processes.


Eleqtus ECM enhances collaboration by providing a centralized repository for documents and information. This ensures that all stakeholders work from the same version of documents, reducing errors and miscommunication among employees, suppliers, and partners.


Eleqtus ECM streamlines data management by automating processes and providing a centralized repository for all data. This ensures that documents are readily accessible by relevant personnel and enables more effective data analysis and informed decision making.


Eleqtus ECM improves compliance by automating processes related to various regulations, standards, and certifications. This simplifies the compliance journey, enabling manufacturers to meet requirements and maintain certifications more efficiently.


Eleqtus ECM enhances visibility by offering real-time insights into manufacturing processes and activities. This empowers managers to identify bottlenecks and areas for improvement, resulting in better decision-making and more efficient manufacturing.

Connectivity and flexibility.

Drawing on extensive experience in the manufacturing sector, Eleqtus ECM focuses on merging all business content sources, improving information access and accelerating business processes across departments, regardless of their physical locations.

Eleqtus ECM for Manufacturing offers flexible implementation options tailored to the specific needs of each client, accommodating the trend of product line managers working across multiple sites and relying on mobile or cloud-based services.

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