Lasernet for Dynamics 365

Tailor your customer experience

It’s no secret that an easy-to-use system is a productive system—especially when it comes to document automation and management. After all, if the goal is excellent customer service, why hinder yourself with clunky software? Read on to learn how Lasernet for Dynamics 365 can help you create a better buying and selling experience for your customers.

Document previews

As many of our fellow employees across the nation can attest, Mondays are the worst—especially when it’s nearing the end-of-the-day and you suddenly remember...that document you sent your client earlier? It was the wrong one. Hey, we’ve all been there at least once. Lasernet for Dynamics 365 has a document preview feature that helps you ensure the accuracy of all your deliverables by keeping all of your important documents open in separate tabs—making navigation, compilation, and comparison a breeze. Need to pop over to the standard Dynamics 365 format for a quick comparison? Not a problem! Lasernet will keep all your documents open while you do your thing.

Predefined destinations

Unlike all of those unsuspecting teens and young adults in the horror film series, the “Final Destination,” the fate of your documents is determined by you—which frankly, is far more optimistic. Reduce your clients’ risk of headaches by using Lasernet's flexible destination configurations— no coding required! Simply create seamless workflows and precise destination rules that help you ensure the correct media use, every time.

Augmented archives

To quote celebrated portrait photographer, Annie Leibovitz, “Everyone keeps asking you for pictures, and, after a while, you get tired of that. I always say, ‘they’re in the archives.’” Yes, gone are the days of the antiquated archival process—which mainly consisted of making hard copies of a printed document and either manually sharing said copies at the next client meeting, or in an email with a chain so long you can’t even remember who started it and why. Lasernet allows you to issue, retrieve, and re-issue all of your digitally native documents and scanned hard copies instantly. Want to send an archived copy of a letter from one of your happy customers to boost morale? No sweat! Lasernet for Dynamics 365 will send the exact copy of the original document using its multi-resend functionality. Experienced a glitch in your document’s delivery? No worries! Lasernet's archive will regenerate your document in the same media in which it was previously sent—saving you time, money, and the potential loss of your sanity.

Easy-to-use emails

Receiving a generic, sales-y looking email, we would argue, is akin to receiving those “pre-approved” credit card applications in your physical mailbox—it’s an absolute pain that’s immediately getting thrown away. If we could incinerate those emails on sight, we would. So why send those emails to your customers? Customize your emails to the needs of your customers with Lasernet. Update your dialog boxes, create file naming conventions, and more to fully build your inbox—no WebDev required.

Designer documents

Nothing establishes the trustworthiness and legitimacy of a business in the eyes and minds of a potential customer like customized documents—logos, signatures, and other graphical images can truly mean the difference between a repeat customer and one-off transaction.

Thankfully, you can generate new, on-brand documents in a snap with Lasernet. Simply drag- and-drop any visual element you need, from barcodes to graphs and everything in between.

Plus, Lasernet Dynamics 365 Connector’s metadata lets you create master and temporary templates to ensure you’re working in the latest versions of your reports at all times.

To learn more about integrating your Lasernet for Dynamics 365 software for better customer experiences, contact us today, or read more about the solution here! We’re looking forward to helping you and your business!

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