Lasernet for Dynamics 365

Create and generate reports with ease

Creating and delivering reports may just be the bane of the existence of many management professionals. From gathering and analyzing hours upon hours of data to seemingly endless collaborations on the appropriate edits and file format delivery, surely there is an easier way. Well, in fact, there is! Lasernet for Microsoft Dynamics 365 can help you create and deliver reports in any format to any client or internal team member with just a click of a button. How? Allow us to break it down:

SSRS requirement removal

Our drag-and-drop functionality enables users to quickly create, modify, control, disseminate, and archive content-rich, branded documentation across an entire organization (regardless of its size). Whether for print or electronic distribution, Lasernet effectively removes the need for programming in SSRS when generating reports.

Universal availability in Dynamics 365

Whether physically implemented, connected to the cloud, or both, our Lasernet software solution is available on all Dynamics 365 releases. Thanks to Lasernet’s advanced cloud technology, printer configurations (and the headaches that often come with them) are a thing of the past! Lasernet can drive any printer, any time, anywhere—yes, even if the printer is not directly accessible.

Multiple output channels

Need to send one client a printed document and another client the PDF version of said document as an email attachment all in one fell swoop? Piece of cake. With document distribution driven through Microsoft Dynamics 365, Lasernet provides the ability to employ multiple output channels including paper, email, fax, XML, UBL, and PDF.

Azure-enabled to ensure consistency

Collaboration comes with just as many hiccups and it does benefits. For management professionals, it isn’t hard to imagine the number of iterations a report goes through before its final form is sent to internal teams and clients alike. Somewhere along the line, the actual design of the report can be updated (or even distorted) which can further disrupt collaboration and deadlines. By taking data from all areas of Dynamics and generating seamless documents from multiple teams, Lasernet gives you a centrally controlled, Azure-enabled tool through which you can easily maintain design consistency. No more going back through countless emails and chats to figure out which is the latest version of your report. Now, with Lasernet, it’s easy to find and even easier to pick up where you left off.

We looked at a number of vendors but found that Lasernet was the only system capable of giving us straightforward solutions to some complex technical problems, whilst its integration with Microsoft Dynamics simply couldn’t be matched. – Regis Litre, Chief Information Officer, Marc Jacobs

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