Lasernet for Dynamics 365

8 benefits for your input management

The time it takes an organization to process anything from good old-fashioned hard copies in the mail to slews of digital files in multiple formats—some of which are simply copies of the same thing—has become far too costly. Additionally, the complexity of some processing systems for input management can hinder productivity rather than help it.

Luckily, our Lasernet software solution offers complete, end-to-end processing for all documents. Whether scanned and faxed over by a partner, received as an attachment in a client email, or downloaded from the cloud, Lasernet will process any desired document into a consolidated workflow, easily accessed by a single interface.

Cost-effective and intuitive software, such as Lasernet, can allow organizations of all sizes to simplify their input management processes, minimize operating costs, optimize productivity, and maximize profitability. Sound too good to be true? Allow us to dispel any myths with these eight solid reasons why Lasernet can benefit your input management processes.

1 — Reduced costs

Manual handling and administration of your documents can cost anywhere between $20 to $50 per item! Electronic processing reduces this operating cost significantly by allowing teams to concentrate on more pressing tasks.

2 — Increased accuracy

Manual data entry is risky, we all know this. It’s incredibly error-prone and easily corruptible; however, by using intelligent software built for data analysis and interpretation—such as Lasernet—to validate your data before it’s entered into your ERP, the risk for errors and corruption is greatly reduced. Which, by the way, also saves time and money. Just saying.

3 — Improved responsiveness

These days, processing certain documents sometimes come with a turnaround time of seemingly ever-decreasing minutes. What used to be due within 24-hours is now due by EOD, or before lunch, or even before your first meeting of the day! Okay, we may be exaggerating that last one, but the feeling remains. With Lasernet, you can acknowledge the receipt of your document, provide clarification, and perform a whole host of other time-sensitive functions all in one easy-to-use interface.

4 — Eliminated duplications

Validating entire documents manually and duplicating your efforts to, in effect, show your work have become things of the past with Lasernet. The software solution only validates the areas of each document that require retyping and other edits while the rest are easily passed through the system, ready for next steps.

5 — Increased data access

All incoming documents are immediately processed by Lasernet and can be viewed in real-time, giving you and your internal teams greater visibility of both content and input management progress.

6 — Integrated legacy systems

Rather than replacing your existing systems, Lasernet enhances them so you don’t have to spend capital on a suite of new processes. Lasernet does this by collecting all the data in all its iterations and creating a single XML schema that can then be uploaded into your existing application(s). It’s like pressing “okay” when prompted to install a system update on your cell phone. It appears as if nothing much has changed, yet everything’s working so much faster and easier than before!

7 — Easy template creation

There’s truly no greater feeling, in the input management world, than simply opening a document that’s been pre-formatted to your exact specifications—other than having that document be easily adaptable and, potentially, already partially complete. Thankfully, with its easy-to-use graphical interface, Lasernet has made that feeling a reality.

8 — Adapted & adaptable

Last, but certainly not least, and as previously mentioned, Lasernet is adaptable. With its built-in dictionaries and intelligent software, the system automatically recognizes your most used documents and languages, making document creation and management even more seamless. Better still, the more you use Lasernet, the more it learns and the simpler your processes become. As validation becomes more centrally controlled, you can apply, update, and configure all your documents and templates for all your processes.

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