Global partnership between SignUp and Eleqtus

We are pleased to announce the global partnership between SignUp and Eleqtus, industry leaders in the fields of AP Automation and Enterprise Content Management (ECM). This partnership merges the expertise and insights of two prominent vendors, aiming to deliver superior ECM solutions to the Microsoft Dynamics community.

SignUp, a distinguished AP Automation vendor, proudly offers 'Exflow,' a prime facet of its best-in-class software suite for invoice automation. Notably, SignUp has partnered with Eleqtus, which boasts a specialized skill set in digital transformation and document management. With Eleqtus' extensive experience in implementing cutting-edge ECM solutions, Exflow is poised to revolutionize invoice processing through seamless automation. Experience the synergy of SignUp’s expertise and Eleqtus’s innovation with Exflow.

The primary objective of this global partnership is to provide multifaceted benefits to the Microsoft Dynamics community. Collectively, we aim to offer all-encompassing and integrated ECM solutions that are specifically designed to optimize processes, curtail expenses, and enhance productivity. By capitalizing on the strengths of both businesses, we can provide a wider array of services and solutions that will satisfy the broad requirements of each client.

We are eager to explore the myriad opportunities that this partnership presents. As a united front, we will uncover new methodologies to assist businesses in addressing the complexities of content management, thereby enhancing efficiency, security, and compliance. Our shared vision and combined proficiency will make Eleqtus ECM for Ap Automation the preferred platform for companies across all sectors in accomplishing their content management objectives.

Reach out to us to discover more about how the alliance between SignUp and Eleqtus can help your organization ascend to new heights in ECM expertise. Together, we stand prepared to confront the challenges of the digital era and foster a more efficient and interconnected future.

About SignUp Software

SignUp Software was founded in 1999 and launched ExFlow in 2003. Over the years, SignUp Software has built a solid reputation on Microsoft Dynamics expertise showcased by its Accounts Payable (AP) and invoice process automation solution ExFlow. ExFlow by SignUp Software is a built-in, feature-rich AP Invoice Automation solution developed specifically for Dynamics 365 Business Central, Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operation, Dynamics AX and Dynamics NAV. ExFlow enables organizations to increase efficiency, transparency and control in their AP Invoice process, driving down costs while generating substantial process savings. Globally, more than 1400 customers rely on ExFlow to empower their AP and Invoice processes in over 60 countries.

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