Eleqtus partners with Sycor

Eleqtus is pleased to announce that we have teamed up with Sycor. The two companies will work on innovative ideas based on sustainability to add to our global service capability to framework agreement for the mutual support of ECM requirements for their Microsoft Dynamics 365 customers.

Eleqtus is a global provider of comprehensive Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solutions and services for Microsoft Dynamics delivered through the power of our people. Our expert team works in a culture of excellence, with passion and a proven ability to innovate, persevere and succeed. Our focus on making a positive impact on the world with innovative technology solutions makes this the best possible choice for the customer. With over 20 years of expertise, our professionals utilize turnkey applications and time-tested delivery techniques to ensure considerable options for content handling and distribution in Microsoft Dynamics.

The partnership with Sycor is one of the leading powerhouses for Microsoft in the Dynamics market and are on the leading edge for delivering innovative solutions to their global customers. Eleqtus is looking forward to supporting Sycor’s business through a tight collaboration that will accelerate benefits to our mutual customers.

Sycor, as experts in business processes, develops innovative IT solutions to help solve your challenges and accomplish your strategic goals. The company combine technical innovations, extensive know-how, and 20+ years of experience to help you achieve better results and long-term success. Sycor combines know-how and many years of experience with innovative and creative ideas.

About Sycor

Sycor's goal is to find the best IT solution for you and your company. They work towards that daily with about 550 employees in North America and around the world. Sycor's specialists combine know-how and many years of experience from SAP and Microsoft projects with innovative and creative ideas. They think and plan for your business, and adapt solutions to surmount your challenges.

Sycor support their customers with IT services and solutions for all corporate divisions along the entire value chain. From individual solutions to setting up new infrastructure and application landscapes, as cloud, on-premise, or hybrid scenarios. Sycor finds you the right solution - from consultation to operation. So you can focus on your core business!

For more information about Sycor, visit Sycor's website.

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